Accordion & Singing

My most popular type of performance is the acoustic solo show where I sing and play accordion. Although everything (including some ‘foot percussion’!) is created acoustically, I am usually amplified with a microphone too.

For most Care Homes I just use one speaker with a microphone, that rests on the floor and takes up a minimum amount of room (total area needed is about the same as two small chairs).

In larger venues (church halls, social clubs) I tend to use two speakers on stands.

My priority is to get the perfect volume for listeners, never too loud or too quiet. Perfect for :

Residential Care Homes

Partys (Birthdays/Anniversaries/Christmas)

Dance Evenings


French Nights

Italian Nights

Scottish Burn’s Nights

Care Centres catering for Learning Disabilities

Here is a clip of a show at a Salvation Army church. This is similar to the music I play in residential Care Homes.

 Another clip here of me playing an ‘acoustic’ show, in a pub for a Sunday lunchtime beer festival.

Lastly, a clip of me playing acoustically (without speakers) in a smaller room. I might do this in a venue if the space is very small.


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