General Information

I have been performing therapeutic-style music for many leading UK Care Providers since 2012. It is a professional service and has become my most popular type of booking. I currently perform around 250 times per year in Care Homes across the UK’s South East. It is a fun and engaging 1 hour session with me playing accordion and singing. I also bring percussion instruments like tambourines and shakers so residents and staff can also join in the fun!  Perfect for :

  • Dementia/Alzheimers sufferers
  • Nursing Care
  • Special Needs
  • The Elderly Community
  • Sheltered Accommodation Lounge entertainment

Style of Music

I carefully choose the songs ‘on the fly’ based on what audience members seem to like. Luckily, I’ve built up a large repertoire over the years! Styles include :

  • Pop & Rock 1950s – present day
  • Wartime
  • Cockney
  • Scottish/Irish
  • Popular musical shows
  • French Style
  • Rat Pack / Big Band Swing
  • Fun/novelty Sing-A-Long favourites

Positive Feedback

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the beneficial effects of my music sessions to Care Home residents. Other recurring themes have been : affordable prices, reliability, simplicity of booking, perfect volume levels, good song choices, and excellent engagement/talking with residents. I believe all of this has been partly responsible for the number of booking I now get asked to do. Please have a look at the Feedback page for a flavour of what people have been saying.


Although I have many bookings in the diary, I usually have at least one afternoon each week available going forwards. The further ahead, the more flexibility I have. Generally, if someone would like to book within the coming month, I am able to email a good selection of afternoons/mornings I can do. I find emails are best to do this, as it is also easy to look back and check what has been agreed. Please contact me for more info.

Affordable Prices

Prices are set to be affordable for most venues, to get an idea please visit the Prices page here.


Getting footage from Care Homes is tricky, mainly due to the permission required from each resident shown in the video. I do have a few short clips like the one below, filmed by a staff member. Hopefully these, along with other examples on my Videos page, can give a good idea of what my performances are like.