Care Home Entertainer (video)

Since 2013 I have been providing affordable, fun and engaging music activities for Residential Care Homes.

It gives a lot of pleasure to residents to hear music they know the words to, and can join in with. It enables people to sing together and feel they are connecting with each other. This is especially valuable where residents suffer from symptoms of dementia.

Although there are videos on this site from actual gigs, the one below is simply to give people a quick idea how I come across playing and talking. Enjoy!


New Year, new accordion!

Happy New Year to you all, may 2018 bring all you desire!

I’ve been very lucky and have managed to purchase a lovely Italian-built accordion. This is something I’ve wanted for a while, so I’m very pleased. I’ve been out for a live performance today, and I can say that the sound quality of the new instrument is excellent!


One song I played today, that always seems to go down well is ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ originally made famous by Frank Sinatra. I thought I would share my rendition of it in the video below, enjoy!