Autumn Update 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.17.13.png

This picture pretty much sums up my musical activities at the moment!

My ‘day job’ is now officially being a professional ´Accordion Entertainer´, which is an absolute pleasure. My speciality is Residential Care Homes for the Elderly, with my 1 hour ‘music sing-a-long show’ being my most popular activity (click here for more info).

I’ve also started to focus on some new music-making, and my ‘studio’ is up and running. My plan is to add to my Electronic Dance Music collection currently being sold online (click here for link). These are sometimes used as ‘stock’ music for TV shows (via the Absolute Music Library website). It is notoriously hard to find out which particular shows the music has featured in, but they seem to have been used many times by Channel 9 (Australia), who seem to do a lot of reality TV type shows.

Finally, I am actively playing many live shows with bands each year. This has always been a staple part of my musical ‘work-life’, and it provides me with a lot of interesting experiences, and great connections with people. My Favourite gigs at the moment are pubs and restaurants where we get to interact directly with the general public.

So that’s my update for now, please get in touch for any more information or just to say ‘hi’!