End of year round up!


2016 has been a very busy year for me, and I now feel a lot more established as a performer. I had a count up last week and realised I had played over 300 professional gigs in the last 12 months! The bulk of these performances are for the retirement community in Care Homes and Care Centres (252 to be exact!).

This year has been exciting in other ways too, and I’m very much looking forward to playing keyboards and being the Frontman of ‘The Sutes’, the wedding band. I will also be running this with the help of my good friend, drummer, and business partner Chris Callaghan. I have wanted to reign in all my keyboard work into a focussed project, and I think finally this is the one I can sink my teeth into!

2017 should be an exciting year of new people and new experiences, who knows what it holds in store! Perhaps I will even get to indulge in some new equipment – perhaps something like the lovely PIGINI P36 will finally make its way into my hands!

Happy new year !