Christmas Accordion

I always enjoy playing these Christmas numbers, so I thought I’d use this website update as an excuse to play one again!

Based on the version from Dean Martin, this is my cover of Let It Snow. As one of my ‘regular’ accordion songs at Christmas, it’s a real ‘foot-tapper’! Enjoy.




Autumn Update 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.17.13.png

This picture pretty much sums up my musical activities at the moment!

My ‘day job’ is now officially being a professional accordion entertainer, which is a pleasure and a privilege. My speciality is Residential Care Homes for the Elderly, with my 1 hour ‘music sing-a-long show’ being my most popular activity (click here for more info).

I’ve also started to focus on some new music-making, and my ‘studio’ is up and running. My plan is to add to my Electronic Dance Music collection currently being sold online (click here for link). These are accessible via iTunes and Spotify, and are sometimes used as ‘stock’ music for TV shows (via the Absolute Music Library website).

Finally, I am actively playing many live shows with bands each year. This has always been a staple part of my musical ‘work-life’, and it provides me with a lot of interesting experiences, and great connections with people. My Favourite gigs at the moment are pubs and restaurants where we get to interact directly with the general public. Like this recent show in London (click here).

So that’s my update for now, please get in touch for any more information or just to say ‘hi’!




Summer 2017!

It’s been a really busy time again this summer. Most venues I play at have a summer fete, and I often come and entertain.

The picture below was from The New Deanery’s ‘Beach Party!’. Lovely weather, Fish & Chips, Ice cream, Donkeys, and a Punch and Judy show!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.03.35.png

French Day in Chelmsford!

To celebrate Bastille Day there is a French-themed event this Saturday. 15th July 2017, 12-4pm @ IdeasHub, Hub 1, 1-4 Market Square, High Chelmer, Chelmsford, CM1 1XF. I’ll be playing and singing between 1:30 – 3pm.

It’s always nice to go back to where I started and just play some instrumental French songs. I took this video of me running through some French music today…..



This video is just acoustically in my practice booth, when I perform at an event I usually use amplification for a fuller sound. A bit more like this.

Entertaining the Retirement Community

These days I play a lot for the ‘Retirement Community’. This can be in Churches, Care Centres, Residential Homes or even private parties. I play and sing well-known songs, usually amplifying myself through a speaker. Sometimes though, if the room is very small, I can just use the acoustic sound of the instrument and my voice, like in the video below.


Accordions and Care Homes!


I’m just warming up for my regular weekly slot at Manor Lodge, Chelmsford. I was thinking how much I enjoy keeping my setlist fresh and interesting for the residents. I try and get new material all the time, and also do my best to learn specific requests. Some of my most popular songs to play, started out as requests from residents!

On average, Homes book me around once per month, but I’m more than happy to do more or less frequently. I have two venues in Chelmsford where I’ve been playing once per week for around two years!

(Pictured is the Giulietti P72 accordion, which I tested out last year…)